High Output 304 Stainless

outdoor heaters high output stainlessOur highoutput 304 stainless steel heaters are used on decks, enclosed, semienclosed and other outdoor spaces. They provide a cozy, comfortable warmth to outdoor gathering areas.

Our heaters have a patented design that transforms gasfired power into infrared waves of pleasant warmth. The radiant heat absorbs into surrounding surfaces — creating a consistent, even temperature you don't get with other outdoor heaters.

Features of our outdoor heaters:

  • Efficient — more warmth with 40% less fuel
  • Heat–treated aluminized steel infrared emitters — long-lasting outdoor heaters
  • Sleek, sophisticated, graceful design — see our gallery...>
  • No open flames or glowing red parts — safe outdoor heater
  • Low clearance to combustibles — can be installed in tight spaces where other outdoor heaters can't
  • A modulating burner for a wide variety of incremental adjustments — ideal comfort
  • Stainless steel construction - durable, dependable, low maintenance outdoor heaters


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