High Output 316 Stainless

our best outdoor heatersOur high–end, high–output, marine grade 316 stainless steel outdoor heaters are the best available.

Not all stainless outdoor heaters are the same. Many companies advertise stainless but most do not tell you the grade of stainless steel. Most outdoor heaters are made with type 304 stainless steel. We offer 316 marine grade stainless, which produces the best outdoor heaters.

High–output stainless steel outdoor heaters for use on decks, enclosed, semi–enclosed and open outdoor spaces.

Our outdoor heaters provide a cozy warmth to indoor and outdoor spaces. With a patented design, they transform gas–fired power into infrared waves of pleasant warmth. Our radiant heaters heat surrounding surfaces — creating a consistent, even temperature you don't get with other outdoor heaters.

Features of our heaters:

  • More warmth with 40% less fuel — efficient
  • Heat–treated aluminized steel infrared emitters — long-lasting patio heaters
  • Sleek, sophisticated, graceful design — gallery...>
  • No open flames or glowing red parts — safe
  • Low clearance to combustibles — can be installed in tight spaces where other patio heaters can't
  • A modulating burner for a wide variety of incremental adjustments — ideal comfort
  • Stainless steel construction - durable low maintenance outdoor heaters


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