Outdoor Heaters Glossary

Clearance to Combustibles

Clearance to combustilbes is the minimum void that must be maintained between a heater and burnable material(s) such as ceilings and walls.

Clearance to combustibles is an important consideration when choosing and installing an outdoor heater. See our clearance to combustibles...>>>

Modulating Burner

Modulating burners are designed to control the burner output to match the variable load requirements. Controlling the burner output ensures maximum combustion efficiency.

We provide the only heater on the market with full, variable heat output capability. Most competitors have only single–input models. A few offer a two–stage (high or low) model. Neither the single–input or two–stage models offers the performance of ours. Our heaters give you the ability to adapt to all seasons and levels of comfort at the turn of a dial.

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