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Our high–quality, dependable patio heaters provide an even, comfortable warmth to your surroundings: floors, walls, furniture and people. They have a patented design converting gas–fired energy into infrared waves of cozy warmth.


Our top-quality patio heaters feature:

Our heaters produce heat levels ranging from comfortable warmth to tropical heat. The amount of heat is controlled via a remotely located control center panel that is convenient and easy to use. The control center panel allows you to adjust the temperature of your heater to your comfort.

Restaurant and bar owners... our heaters increase outdoor dining seasons by 70 percent. Our heaters keep your guests comfortable, extending their stay and increasing your profits.

Our heaters are carefully developed to meet your specifications. They outperform every other patio heater on the market. We guarantee our patio heaters are the best!

Protected under the following patents:
Patent # 8,381,715 USA 
Patent # 7,654,257 USA
Patent # 2,523,295 Canada
Patent # 2,608,038 Canada
Patent # 2,833,022 Canada

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